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Jeroen Van Liempd

Jeroen Van Liempd

Email: Jeroen.vanLiempd@mci-group.com

Jeroen van Liempd is a Dutch national, living in France, working with associations around the world out of MCI Benelux region. Working as an engineer in the agribusiness industry and European Commission, Jeroen discovered the value and power that associations bring to research, business and professional development. He developed a keen interest to further build his expertise in working with several trade and professional associations over the last 20 years.

In today’s connected and consumer driven world, associations bring unique and trusted value to professionals, companies and research institutions. For associations to continue to play their role and anticipate the needs of their stakeholders, strategy development and business planning become increasingly important.

Jeroen endeavours to help associations unlocking their potential by building and implementing forward looking engagement strategies and business plans.

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