Client Success Stories

Reducing Costs While Enhancing Value

The Challenge
  • Ineffective & time-consuming registration system for high volume of events (15+ per year)
  • Issues with VAT Management & Recovery, Financial Reporting & Compliance
  • Challenges in attracting key sponsors and exhibitors due to lack of business intelligence data & effective communication tools
  • Lack of buying/negotiation power when sourcing venues/services

The Solution

With this mandate, MCI offered the following solution for the client:

  • Registration and reporting technology (BCom) - Saving time and money, improving the delegate experience, providing accurate business intelligence data
  • VAT Management & Recovery - Saving time and money, ensuring full legal compliance
  • Cost Optimisation & Avoidance - Providing the best possible experience at the best possible price
  • Sponsor & Exhibitor Campaigns - Convincing sponsors and exhibitors of benefits of supporting SWIFT through accurate data

Lasting Results 

Key Benefits 2014

  • 3,000 high-level delegates managed across 15 events
  • €45,000 in cost-avoidance
  • €25,000 in cost-savings
  • BCom proved vital in promoting SWIFT events, tracking and improving their performance
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees

Cumulative Saving

  • €390,000 since 2012 (12% per year)

Client Testimonial

“Over the last 2 years, MCI's status has changed from supplier to true partner. We are working together to deliver SWIFT EMEA events with excellence, as ONE team”

Samuel Despontin, EMEA Leader Communications & Events, Swift

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