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MCI Adds Live Communication Measurement Service

Geneva, Switzerland – 24th May, 2012. With a focus on long term business strategy and responding directly to client needs, MCI is pleased to announce the acquisition of FairControl , further enhancing its service offering to association and corporate clients.

Leading global specialists in measuring the success of live communication; Munich-based FairControl has a broad experience of analyzing the impact of communication at live events for a wealth of clients across many industries in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. With the new service, MCI will help clients measure and analyze event effectiveness, benchmarking it against their organizational goals. MCI is pleased to support clients in the verification and successful optimization of their events.

The new service will operate as FairControl under the leadership of Polo Looser, Vice President of Consulting & Strategy alongside Managing Directors of FairControl, Kim Hellmig and Björn Jopen. The move brings a total of twenty dynamic and highly-trained professionals to the MCI team.

“If it doesn’t have a number, it doesn’t count”, comments MCI CEO Sébastien Tondeur. “This valueadded service will enable corporate and institutional customers to measure the true business value and impact of their meetings.”

Established in 1998, FairControl have supported clients globally for over 20 years with expert knowledge and proven tools to analyse the impact of communication at live events. The experience of FairControl’s communication experts, market researchers, statisticians and software developers enables clients to measure and interpret data, helping them determine the success of their event.

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