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Huguette Andreoli

Huguette Andreoli

Email: Huguette.Andreoli@mci-group.com

Huguette Andreoli possesses over 16 years of professional experience, working in various roles at companies within the Congress and Event Management industries. 

At MCI Amsterdam, Huguette holds the position of the Director Business Services. In this position, she has played a pivotal role in growing the office from 8 employees in 2008 to over 80 employees, to date. As part of her current role, one of the main objectives is to ensure that all matters concerning the service departments, including Human Resource, Finance, Procurement and Health & Safety, etc. are developed and maintained at an efficient and professional level. 

Much emphasis here is put on work process planning and continuous improvement, to assure that employees are equipped with the right resources so that they are able to deliver operational excellence and service to clients. Huguette considers herself a specialist in everything, never shy to get her “hands dirty” on all facets of the business. She is driven by delivering on the corporate ethos of integrity, client-centricity and passion for making a difference. In other words, she focuses on building fair relations, both professionally and personally.

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