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Peter-Willem Burgmans

Peter-Willem Burgmans

Email: Peter-Willem.Burgmans@mci-group.com

Peter-Willem Burgmans was born in the Netherlands. After 12 years of living and studying as a ‘bon vivant’ in Belgium, he moved back to build on his career in the Netherlands. Peter-Willem is a passionate individual with more than 18 years of professional experience, touching all guests’ senses during multiple created (international) congresses and events.

Currently, he is the Managing Director of MCI Amsterdam office. Peter-Willem considers this a privileged role because it gives him the opportunity to work with a remarkable team, meet amazing clients, the exposure to different cultures and seeing the most beautiful countries.

With the changing times, and the human needs that are also constantly changing, Peter-Willem aims to provide a valuable solution for the change. Further, he wants to help organisations and individuals to do whatever it takes to produce the best results.

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