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Marc Slenema

Marc Slenema


Marc Slenema, holds more than 20 years of professional experience, having worked at reputable organisations in the Hotel and Event Management industries.

His love for the hospitality industry started at a young age, growing up in his parents’ luxury restaurant. Marc’s passion for the industry could be owed to his intensive involvement in the restaurant where he learned the art of delivering a quality service, and the ingredients necessary to achieve this. This constant grooming also meant that he developed an eye for details, especially evident in his overall position in event management. Because of his broad interests, he considers himself an ‘all-rounder’, though, pharmaceutical meetings, destination management and social events are key knowledge areas.

At MCI Amsterdam, Marc currently holds the position of Account Director, where he manages global clients especially within the Healthcare and Life Science fields.

He considers himself as a citizen of the world, dividing his time between the beautiful cities of Amsterdam and Barcelona. Marc aims to create an atmosphere where all talents are able to add value to events, and develop themselves while at the same time generate valuable experiences for our clients. 

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