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Creating a seamless experience for delegates

The challenge

The Nederlands Contactlens Congres (NCC) has grown into a prominent international congress since it was launched in 2006. It is a renowned platform where opticians from all over the world share latest developments across the contact lens industry. 

The sixth edition in the Netherlands was no exception, which hosted 31 exhibitions, 63 presenters and over 1,600 delegates. 

The NCC worked with MCI as a strategic partner to ensure a seamless registration system to manage the number of increasing delegates, year-after-year.

Unlocking Potential

The transition from a small to medium-size event meant it was vital for the NCC to integrate an efficient and convenient registration experience for all its delegates, from their first initial impression on its website, to managing their expectations onsite. 

MCI was tasked to help the NCC meet its following key goals:  

  • Provide a smooth registration process online and offline 
  • Minimise the waiting time for delegates onsite 
  • Provide a clear overview of the registration progress throughout the event planning 
  • Simplify and speed up registration and financial reports 

Solutions & Results 

MCI fully tailored the registration system to provide an all-in-one experience throughout for organisers, delegates and exhibitors. 

The MCI team used a user-friendly bilingual website to effectively communicate with delegates from over 20 countries to ease the registration process online. A barcode or e-ticket was sent via email, which they could print or download on their smart phone and scan upon arrival in exchange for a printed delegate badge onsite. 

This resulted in shortened queues from one hour to five minutes and enabled exhibitors at the event to track the number of visitors to their booths using rented barcode scanners. 

MCI used such data to also provide the NCC with timely weekly registration reports and monthly financial reports.  

MCI’s experience management and tailor-made solutions have enabled the NCC to provide a smooth experience and enhance its relationships with delegates and exhibitors across the globe, resulting in the appointment of MCI managing the operational logistics of the next NCC edition.

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Client Testimonial

“MCI is a very professional, proactive partner and gave us much confidence. Everything has been – and continues to be – thought of, ensuring it’s going perfectly throughout.” - Hans Kloes, Chairman of the Nederlands Contactlens Congres
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