MCI Brazil to Organise the 8th World Water Forum

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MCI Brazil will be the organiser of the 8th World Water Forum, taking place in Brasilia from the 18th to 23th of March 2018.

With a mission to promote awareness, activate the public and further fuel an efficient conversation, planning, management and use of water on an environmentally sustainable basis, the World Water Forum is widely recognised as one of the world’s biggest water-related events attracting global attention and thousands of visitors. MCI Brazil was chosen to organise the forum in partnership with Dream Factory, a company of the Artplan group, and has over 40 simultaneous sessions in plan, as well as a 8,500-square-meter exhibition space.

MCI Brazil’s Managing Director, André Carvalhal stated, "This is a very special opportunity for MCI Brazil to demonstrate its capacity to deliver high complex events, while creating a unique experience for each community engaged within the event. In this particular case, the discussion about the best way to use water is the main topic, and people from all around the world will gather in Brasilia looking for innovative solutions for the future of our planet. Innovation and flawless execution were the main reasons for MCI to be chosen for this great moment, and we are very proud of it."

The eighth edition is expected to attract over 8,000 participants and 40,000 visitors from around the world, including government officials who strive towards building political commitment and triggering action on critical water issues.

Rodrigo Cordeiro, MCI Brazil PCO Director and the head of the World Water Forum, commented, “This reconfirms MCI leadership position in the Brazilian events industry, delivering main international events held in the country. MCI’s uniqueness and strong expertise in congresses, whether medical or not, results in long term relationships with its clients.” 

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