No association would want to invest in a conference that is bound to be soon forgotten. 

Looking at the entire span of the conference activities, you can leverage numerous opportunities to excite attendees, sponsors and stakeholders alike.

With over 30 years of experience in conference and meeting management, we understand the value of collaboration and transparency.

With time and resources often being stretched thin, we roll up our sleeves to ensure all the pieces are in the right place. 


         |  Strategic thinking & planning

         |  Compliance assessment

         |  Budget setting & planning

         |  Corporate Social Responsibility conference strategy

         |  Marketing & Communications

         |  Scientific programme & speaker management

         |  Financial Management

         |  Accreditations

         |  Procurement management

         |  Site selection

         |  Registration management

         |  Abstract Handling

         |  Sponsorship & Exhibition management

         |  Financial wrap-up

         |  Impact assessment 

         |  Content capture & dissemination 

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