TYPE: Congress | DESTINATION: Melbourne, Australia | ATTENDEES: 2181

The Story

For its 8th edition, the 2019 World Glaucoma Congress, held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has yet again inspired the field and brought on worldwide awareness to eye health. Drawing from our long-term partnership with the World Glaucoma Association, the ties that bind us have proved to yield continuous results over time.

As the principal Glaucoma meeting in the world, uniting thousands of ophthalmologists and allied health professionals each year, it was essential to meet expectations and emulate the success of past editions. For 2019, the goal was to focus on patients and delve into the realities of their condition. A large billboard hung from the convention centre for people to understand what Glaucoma is, informing audiences on the disease rather than the congress. This set the tone for the rest of the congress’s journey, which MCI took great care in elaborating as the event’s core PCO.

Putting Patients at the Forefront

To turn ambition into experience, our extensive congress management services were complemented with purpose-driven innovations. The traditional opening ceremony was revamped into an interview-style presentation where guests sat on a couch while a professional master of ceremony led the discussion in a talk-show format. The talking points were identified based on interests and expectations, with patient education being at the very centre of the discussion.

WGC 2019 Speaker Stage

For our first year without a program book, we were also happy to learn about the success of our mobile app, which was carefully designed to replace it. From the 508 interviewed, over 90% expressed their satisfaction with the app, also allowing us to make important waste reductions.

For many associations, this congress was also a major marketing platform to promote their activities and increase visibility. Insights from past congresses alongside our exhibition management expertise helped us support their ambitions. With a total of 564 sqm of exhibition space sold to 34 exhibitors, we received positive feedback from the exhibitors, who were all happy with their attributed spot and the traffic that they received throughout the event.

WGC 2019 Exhibition

Australia’s remoteness: An ambitious opportunity

As the first edition to be taking place in the Asia-Pacific region, it was certainly a challenge to bring worldwide stakeholders to the remote country of Australia. However, this was also a new and unique opportunity to spread awareness in this region of the world. Thanks to our local expertise and connections with international suppliers and partners, we managed to deliver on our mission. Using the same email marketing tool that we introduced to the 2017 edition in Helsinki, we were able to reach the targeted groups effectively. MCI Australia and local societies played a crucial role in this, including the convention bureau and government, whom all collaborated on the targeted email campaigns.

Collected data on the participants showcased the success in reaching local demographics while maintaining world-wide engagement with a turnout that showed to be just as important in size as in diversity.

From the 2181 attendees, the top countries represented were Australia (472), Japan (193) and the United States (173), with a great dispersion across continents:

  • Africa 4%
  • South America 3%
  • North America 10%
  • Oceania 23%
  • Asia 42%
  • Europe 17%

WGC 2019 Dinner

Trust is Key

The winning formula stems from our existing relationship with the World Glaucoma Association. Drawing from the success of past elements while bringing in purposeful innovations to each new edition, the existing transparency at the root of our relationship helps us realise continuous growth and impactful results.  

With this edition, the identification of strategic insights was particularly beneficial towards the achievement of the congress’s goals. This is where we stepped beyond the service-offerings of traditional PCOs to provide comprehensive association management services. By regularly consulting WGA and adapting our services according to their insights, we were able to provide a holistic approach to the congress and secure the WGC’s position as the principal Glaucoma meeting in the world.

Highlighted results:

  • 13 years of partnership between MCI The Netherlands & WGA
  • 2,181 registrations
  • 638 abstracts submitted
  • 100% delegates met their learning objectives
  • 34 exhibitors
  • 90% satisfaction score with the app
  • 2 sold out workshops for skill transfer & OCT in glaucoma