TYPE: Creative concept | DESTINATION: The Hague, The Netherlands

The Story

EDUCATE & EMPOWER through the Shell Scholarship. An internal and external campaign was shared to attract 20 young talents. Each had to pitch their social projects and ideas for a better future, including flexible solar panels, computer programming lessons for newcomers or inclusive recruitment platforms.

Shell OYW 2018 Grafitti

The “Away Day’’ was the next step – training and coaching the talents to enable them to accelerate their individual impact on society and its future. Thus, Shell contributed to shaping a micro community of young social influencers, which also included a buddy system, pairing each internal and external delegate.

Shell OYW 2018

During the One Young World Summit, Shell also hosted the Empower stage. The basic premise was to empower all attendees to increase their learning. And the speech of Shell’s CEO during the summit emphasised Shell’s commitment to empower and educate, as well as support the young leaders.

Shell OYW 2018 Empower

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