See it all in action


The story

At the start of every year, this pharmaceutical company invites their senior leaders from the EMEA markets to the face-to-face kick-off Internal Management Forum; however, as this year’s logistics was challenged by COVID-19, both meetings were planned to take place in a virtual or hybrid setting.

The request

  • A flawlessly working and responsive technical platform that provides options for sub-meetings, break-out sessions, gamification, interactivity, and mobile registrations.
  • A wow-effect seamlessly woven into the experience, from registration to throughout the event, keeping the engagement alive and making sure the audience is actively participating.
  • A digital experience that sets the standard for upcoming online events going into 2021.

The proposal

A creatively driven proposal bursting with ideas for online engagement activations, networking with peers and virtual platforms that offer more than a simple zoom call.

In collaboration with two strategic suppliers FX Agency and Unlimited Productions, MCI supported the pharmaceutical company in various avenues: from ideating the concept, facilitating strategic co-creation sessions, engagement activations and overall content, to speaker management, handling the logistics, managing digital communications, and overseeing technical production.

The concept

To meet the pharmaceutical company’s event objective to keep people at the centre of the experience, MCI ideated the event theme: Unique. United. Unstoppable. Partnering with Wardtaal, the visual identity and branding was born, showcasing the client’s human side.

Branding pharma company virtual event

The communication

MCI made sure that the engagement stayed strong pre-, during and post- events with a strategic communication plan.

Leading up to the event, three teasers were sent out that connected to the three pillars and programme. And to add a tangible layer to the event, an experience box was sent out to all attendees taking people away from their screens but keeping them engaged within the concept.

The programme designs

One of the biggest challenges when transforming a live event into virtual is the programme design; whether it be the length of the sessions, finding a good balance between networking, fun moments and knowledge-sharing, including a variety of sessions and making sure attendees are effectively encouraged to be actively present.

That is why right from the kick-off, the project team used MCI’s D.I.V.E. methodology and neuroscience-based session design to co-create the event agenda and content with the pharmaceutical company and ensure maximum online engagement during the 4-day event.

The event experience was designed to accommodate all attendees with different tastes, lifestyles and interests, that is why over 15 activities were designed and attendees could customise their programme to their preferences.

The programme boasted a great line up of over 60 speakers, while hosts broke the ice and uplifted the experience with their wit and charm.

The event platform

With the full support from FX Agency, a customisable virtual platform was created that combined 2D and 3D elements. This platform had to be more than a simple website; therefore, many engagement touch-points were included through various sections including:

  • A networking carousel to spontaneously catch up with colleagues as if they were at a live event
  • A CSR area to vote for an initiative that they wished the client to help in the next year
  • A meet the leader area where, in small groups, attendees could have informal coffees with the pharmaceutical company leaders
  • A social wall where attendees could post pictures and comments, engaging with their peers
  • An on-demand gallery with many sessions to watch at their own pace
  • A health corner where the attendees could join active programs to start the day

Overall, the platform was a clear success with the audience. People felt it was easier to engage virtually, that it provided a voice to everyone and catered to all personalities and lifestyles.

Behind the scenes virtual screen

The production

The production of the event was brought to fruition in collaboration with Unlimited Productions. Many hands were on deck with 128 people working on this project across MCI and our suppliers, 18 people in the control room in Belgium and 65 crew members running the show. Several studios were set up around the globe to accommodate the live sessions: in Belgium, The Netherlands, Dubai (UAE), Zurich (CH), High Wycombe (UK), New Brunswick (USA), Madrid (ES), Paris (FR).

Behind the scenes technical studio top view

Going forward

The experience doesn’t stop once the log out button is pushed. As a memento, attendees were sent an artwork specifically drawn for the event and the pillars of Unique. United. Unstoppable.

With the concept being well-perceived by the client, it will continue to live within their community as a core part of their employee engagement throughout 2021.

And as for MCI’s relationship with the client, multiple future project opportunities have come out of this experience contributing towards the formation of a strong partnership.