Immersive Technologies are Clever Business for Events

Immersive Technologies are Clever Business for Events | MCI Sverige | SV

At MCI, we offer an array of immersive technologies and digital tools to help brands activate their audiences. By extension we help brands create immersive experiences to tell their story.

Both virtual and augmented reality are immersive technologies that offer interactive computer-generated experiences within simulated or real-world environments.

By leading technological innovation, AR and VR are changing the way brands are telling their stories, making the impossible possible.

There is a rising demand for AR and VR in healthcare, retail and e-commerce sectors. And it is believed that by 2023, these technologies will further penetrate the market with a growth in revenue.

Not shocking seeing as more corporations are looking to digitise their attendee’s event experiences.

At the end of the day, it is increasingly clever business for event professionals.

Learning the importance of water using immersive technologies…

Earlier this year, Brazil hosted the 8th World Water Forum, partially organised by MCI Brazil, to raise awareness on water shortage.

The Citizen Forum Process designed and created the Citizen Village, which received over 10,000 visitors on the first day. Here, attendees could take part in interactive educational activities to drive the conversation on the best use of water.

Using VR and AR simulations, the Forum created an experience of taking a flight over the rivers of Brazil.

Commenting on the Delta Wing virtual reality flight simulator, a young attendee stated “In there I found the sea, the sand and those rocks as well as a large water fall.”

An immersive experience such as the above is a great example of how such technologies can enhance the experience and truly make an impact on those taking part.

Virtual and Augmented reality are just two of the solutions among many that we offer. Visit our website and explore our wide range of case studies to learn more about how we can support your next event.